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By Pierre Chopard
#163 Today with a new concept of training tutorial video they will make you fly… behind your screen! With these videos in real time situations, shot from the pilot seat, everyone can take a look at the inside of a cockpit, which is a once in a lifetime experience.

Engine fire :

Hydraulic failure:

Tail rotor control failure:


Thanks to these tutorials Airbus Helicopters promises a better training experience for pilots. They are more modern and more dynamic than the old ones. This “from where I stand” point of view will make everyone able to understand properly and more clearly the things to do in case of a specific emergency. The four first launched videos introduce several emergencies: -­‐ Engine Fire -­‐ Hydraulic Failure -­‐ Tail Rotor control failure -­‐ Vortex Don’t wait any longer, and watch these tutorials now! We are excited to hear about your feedback in our online Forum!!
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