Membership entry fees

To be admitted, he or she has to apply on the website and subscribe to H Pilot Club membership application form.
The admission as a member is review by Board Director. If validate is eligible to be a member, a dedicated mail will be sent to he or she.
The final admission is validated 72h after application form sending.

There are only three membership types:

  • Pilot: one who operates or is licensed to operate an helicopter in flight.
    Pilot could operate in Public, Para public or Military area.
    Pilot could be a sport pilot, recreational pilot, private pilot, commercial pilot, flight instructor, airline transport pilot, military pilot or be retired.
  • Technicians: one aircraft maintenance technician (Mechanics and Avionics) who holds a mechanic certificate issued by the National Aviation Authority inspect and perform or supervise helicopter maintenance and works closely with pilot.
  • Crew members: cabin crew member, NVIS crew member, HEMS crew member or Helicopter Hoist Operation crew member who is assigned by an operator to perform duties related to the safety of passengers or dedicated operations.

To be eligible for membership, a proposed new member must be a pilot, crew members or mechanics who is:

  • A leading representative of an helicopter
  • Willing to share his helicopter experience or Mechanics experience
  • Willing to integrate into a family
  • Willing to interact with other professionals in his community
  • Willing to develop aeronautical skills

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